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Loads of ways to save on Alstroemeria Plants with multi-buy offers below.


The record breaking weather this spring has delayed the plant crop by at least 4 weeks this has caused extreme pressure on our shipping team as all the alsotroemeria plants have become ready to ship at once.

We are doing our best to catch up and all of your orders will be delivered by the end of June. We thank you for your patience and custom. Your support means the world to us. For more info click

Alstroemeria plants are the party animals of the garden and thrive in most situations.

At Alstroemeria Select we grow healthy and happy alstroemeria plants in 9cm pots. These little pots of dynamite are intended for gardeners to plant on, either straight into the garden or into larger containers as soon as they arrive. We keep our alstroemeria plants compact and prune all flower spikes so all the nutrients go into building strong healthy root systems. Your Alstroemeria Select plants will be bursting with energy when they arrive ready to romp away and double in size within 3-4 weeks during growing season.

We sell a wide range of alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily varieties, including original British bred Parigo varieties, the Colorita (Princess) series, Inca series, the planet series and Inticancha collection. Our alstroemeria are categorised into Short, Medium and Tall varieties.

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