About us

At Alstroemeria Select we grow healthy and happy alstroemeria plants in 9cm pots. These little pots of dynamite are intended for gardeners to plant on, either straight into the garden or into larger containers as soon as they arrive. We keep our alstroemeria plants compact and prune all flower spikes so all the nutrients go into building strong healthy root systems. Your Alstroemeria Select plants will be bursting with energy when they arrive ready to romp away and double in size within 3-4 weeks during growing season.

Our 8 acre nursery is based in rural Bedfordshire and we are currently growing over 30 000 alstroemeria plants a year with a close knit team of experienced nurseryman who love growing these incredible flowering garden plants.

We sell a wide range of alstroemeria or Peruvian lily varieties, including original British bred Parigo varieties, the Colorita (Princess) series, Inca series, the planet series and Inticancha collection. Our alstroemeria are categorised into Short, Medium and Tall varieties as well as varieties for cut flowers or well suited for containers so order the alstroemeria plants that suit your needs best by using the categories in our shop section.

The short varieties do well at the front of the border and make excellent container or patio grown plants, which if pruned in the correct way can flower in the garden from June to November. Medium and tall varieties are excellent flowering plants for garden borders or allotments and will repeat flower from May to November. Tall varieties also make excellent cut flowers, alstroemeria cut flowers are extremely long lived, lasting 2 to 3 weeks in a vase. See our grow guides for advice on how to have a continuous supply of cut flowers in the Summer months.

These versatile and easy to grow plants are suited to a wide range of situations and benefit from free draining soil. All varieties will flower from May through to the first frosts of Autumn and will benefit from regular weekly feeds during the flowering season.
All our plant orders include a full care guide with growing tips and planting instructions. We are conscious of the environment and use as much recyclable packaging as possible or recycled packaging where appropriate.

All our alstroemeria plants are sold potted, we do not sell loose rhizomes or roots as you may find from some suppliers online. Planting from a rhizome can yield unpredictable results and could disappoint the customer with this varied outcome, we instead opt for our plants to be sold as well rooted plants in 9cm pots, the result of micro propagation, these plants travel well and race away when planted giving a much more guaranteed good result when all the growing instructions are followed closely.

We sell plants (not seeds or bulbs) that are garden ready, named cultivars so you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!