New Plants



What Should I Do When My New Alstroemeria Plants Arrive?

Our alstroemeria are all sent out packaged in recyclable packaging via a courier on a next day delivery service so it is important that when your plants arrive you open up the packaging straight away and let your new plants have some fresh air as well as a drink of water.

Don’t allow them to sit in water however as sitting in water for too long could cause their roots to start to rot or become mouldy and this will stunt the plants healthy growth pattern.

All our alstroemeria plants are grown in 9cm pots and will need to be planted into larger pots for growing on. They are packed full of energy ready to thrive in your garden.

It is best to plant them on very soon after they arrive, so they can thrive and establish well in the garden. If it takes you a few days to plant them properly remember to keep them out of direct sun and make sure the small pots do not completely dry out.

How Do We Ship Our Alstroemeria Plants?

We send all of our plants by next day courier .Your plants will arrive in a box with a specialist care guide which includes planting instructions and maintenance tips for your new plants. The plants are carefully packed in a recyclable blister pack to hold them in place and keep your plants safe.

We keep our 9cm plants compact to ensure that all the energy is going into the roots of the plant to make sure they will thrive in their next home.

All our plants are picked over before shipping to remove any flower spikes and excess growth ensuring they travel to their new home with as little damage as possible. This could mean that your new plants may have very little visible green shoots above the soil. This is not detrimental to the plant at all and does not mean that your plants is dead. Alstroemeria are extremely fast growing and will begin to shoot within a couple of weeks once planted.

There may be loose soil in the blister pack once you remove the plants, again this is not a problem we would expect some soil to loosen on its journey, this can either be discarded or added when the Alstroemeria is planted in to the garden or a larger pot.

What Does It Mean If My New Alstroemeria Plants Have Roots Visible At The Bottom Of The Pot?

It is great news!

If you receive an alstroemeria plant in a 9cm pot with white fleshy roots exposed at the bottom of the pot and looking like they would like to escape, that is a really good thing. The nurseryman would be thrilled with that as a plant knowing they had done their job very well.

An alstroemeria plant with large fleshy roots is not pot bound but what it does means is that your new plant has stored loads of food and energy in its roots, is a healthy specimen and ready to establish with a strong root system into your garden or container.

Alstroemeria store all the food and nutrients needed for the plant to grow and reliably flower in the root system. Large, fleshy roots means a super healthy and energetic plant ready to burst into action once it has been planted into its new home.

Alstroemeria are fast growers and will most likely double in size in the first 4 weeks if planted correctly and could fill a 3 litre pot within 8-10 weeks.