RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 – What’s New?

Ever been to the Chelsea Flower Show?

Maybe you’ve been every year and you feel you’ve seen it all before.

But this year there's something new you won't want to miss!

The 2022 RHS Chelsea Flower Show has a whole new category called “All about Plants” highlighting how powerful plants can be in transforming our lives for the better.

These gardens will be more than displays. They will be experiences.

Project Giving Back is supporting 12 gardens focusing on the potent positive impact of plants on our overall health, community and industry. It will be an opportunity for us all to gain a deeper understanding of the fantastic work these charity organisations, community interest groups and educational programmes are doing in the UK.

Here are some of these inspirational gardens.

Plant-based Fashion

When throwing on your coat on a chilly day you probably won’t be wondering what it’s actually made of or how it was made. But there’s good reason to be more mindful about what we choose to wear.

A Textile Garden for Fashion Revolution will be bringing awareness to the need to challenge the fast fashion industry by reconnecting plants with textiles. They will show the beauty and benefits of using plants in dyes, fabrics and as design inspiration.

Fashion Revolution is working hard to create an accountable fashion industry that works with, rather than against, our environment.

Soldiers of the Air and Sea

The garden inspired by The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund presents an opportunity for us to reflect on what it might have been like to fight on the front line. Or have known someone risking their life for others in this way. This exhibit uses plants to show the peace after conflict - the invaluable support, help and protection this organisation has provided for veterans, serving personnel and their families for over 100 years.

You will also enjoy a garden dedicated to the Royal National Lifeboat Association. Their display will embody the historical and modern aspects of this impactful charity that has been saving lives at sea and in floods and educating communities in the UK and Ireland since 1824.

Hope for the Homeless

Organisation St Mungo’s does a vital work in helping the homeless in London, offering 3,200 people a bed and support each night. The garden dedicated to this cause called Putting Down Roots spotlights the ways in which plant-filled spaces in cities help to foster connections. People are drawn together to enjoy a serene, safe and neutral environment.

The Wilderness – Above and Below

Rewilding Britain is an organisation focused on returning Britain’s natural environments back to their original wildness. Their garden will show how much beautiful biodiversity can be re-established just by bringing back the beavers.

There will also be a brand new Blue Peter garden called the New Blue Peter Garden: Discover Soil. This will bring us up close and personal with the all-important underworld of soil. After all, where would we be without it? It will be a colourful, interactive display encouraging both children and adults to be enthused about gaining an in depth knowledge on the workings of the earth we all rely on.


All the gardens backed by Project Giving Back will continue shining their lights after the show by being moved to their permanent locations around the country.

Come and be amongst the first to see them and grab those tickets here.


Project Giving Back
Slow Fashion
Soldiers of the Sea